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Do Electric Bikers Cycle More?

Do Electric Bikers Cycle More?

Cyclists often convert to an e-bike with the aim of making their journeys easier and faster. Now a new study from Transportation Research has shown that cyclists who convert to an e-bike increase their average daily distance ridden by a whopping 300%!

The study looked at a sample of cyclists and put them into two categories; those that had recently purchased an e-bike, and those interested in an e-bike but had not yet made the switch. The study was conducted over a six-month period and thus eliminated the short-term bias of cyclists using their new e-bike a lot initially with usage dropping over time. 

Similarly, electric news publication Electrek also recently published an article on this very subject, highlighting that there is a significant shift in e-bike rider’s personal transportation choices and the biggest positive consequence it creates; lower car usage. The study found that e-bike rider’s share of bicycle transportation as a proportion of all transportation methods went from 17% for regular cyclists to a whopping 49% for e-bike riders! 

For anyone who has experienced the thrill of riding a bicycle with an electric motor it's probably not surprising to see these stats, however the implications could be profound for how we choose to get around moving forward. Depending on the year-round climate where you live, being able to take HALF of your trips without getting into the car and having the confidence in going farther and getting there faster is a huge selling feature of converting to an e-bike.

Whether you buy a brand new e-bike off the shelf or go through the satisfaction of doing a DIY e-bike conversion using one of our kits, science has shown the end result is almost guaranteed; you’ll cycle more, you’ll cycle farther, and you’ll keep one more car off the road!

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