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eBikes: Unlocking your golden years

eBikes: Unlocking your golden years

The rise of eBikes has made fitness for senior citizens easier than ever before.

Cycling, known to be much more low impact than other forms of exercise is naturally much easier on the joints and has seen remarkable uptake in the older communities over recent years as they look to remain active and keep moving.

Cycling is also an excellent aerobic exercise, improving cardiovascular health and pumping more blood to the brain. The coordination and stimulation of riding also contributes to improving mood and fighting depression. Regular cycling helps you get the fresh air and sunshine you need for both physical and mental well being, not to mention the social benefits. Other health benefits associated with cycling include even alleviating the symptoms of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

With this in mind it’s no wonder more and more people are taking to cycling and now with the introduction of eBikes it has never been easier to get in the saddle.

What we are seeing today is streams of older communities trading in their manual bicycles for eBikes in order to continue this trend even further into their golden years. eBikes now allow for that added assistance and remove the reliance of their traditional non-motorized relatives and this means many more can now contemplate cycling far into their late years.

eBikes allow for a far more sociable ride with the various levels of assistance meaning partners, friends and family can all enjoy each others company at the same pace – especially on those gruelling hills! eBikes also mean longer pain-free rides – more often!

So what are you waiting for? Is that old bicycle in the garage just gaining dust because you feel like you don't have the energy anymore to pedal it? Whether its for exercise, social rides or just running some errands grab a conversion kit and get back on the road today!


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