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The First Thousand

The First Thousand

As I sit in a high alpine meadow just east of the continental divide to write this - one thought keeps dropping into my head. What just happened? In what seems like the blink of an eye the trusty Bafang 750w mid drive kit, strapped to the ‘steel pony’ has propelled me across three states and to within touching distance of a fourth.

There have been two common denominators across all three: the heat and endless expanses. From there they have all diverged - Oregon with it’s winding river canyons that invite you to jump in at every bend, Idaho with endless desert plains and now Wyoming with its towering peaks and ‘rowdy’ wildlife. Each has offered a unique but unforgettable experience and the people along the way have all generally been open to share a yarn, and sometimes a beverage.

Despite this it hasn’t all been an E-American Dream, Idaho in particular brought its challenges: 107f heat, two punctures and a new wheel - and that was just one day! As all eBike enthusiasts would attest there is always the ever present puzzle of battery management to be solved. However, long lunches and cafes that let you linger really do help get the days haul up into triple figures.

So onwards the journey continues, from here the bumps on the horizon become more gentle and the pine trees give way to fields of wheat. As ever all roads lead to Asbury Park, New Jersey and E-America is there for the cycling

See you out there

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