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Where do two wheels rule the road?

Man wearing knapsack while riding DIY electric bike through busy street

More and more often these days, people are opting to forego car payments and tanks of gas in favor of rideshares and public transportation. Along with the electric scooter craze and the array of Uber options, e-bikes are having a huge moment. As traffic patterns have become more congested, people are opting to adjust their morning commute to include bike lanes and a little extra sunshine. 

According to our experts, these are five of the best cities in the U.S. to switch up your routine and ditch the car ride for an e-bike!


San Francisco, California

San Francisco might be home to some serious hills, but fortunately, that’s no problem for an e-bike! Make use of the electric aspect of the electric bike and cruise around the city taking in everything the City by the Bay has to offer. Whether you’re checking out the Golden Gate Bridge or stopping off for sushi from one of the trendy foodie spots the city is known for, you can ditch the congested streets and roam around the city without breaking a sweat.


Portland, Oregon

Portland is a major inspiration for cyclists all over the U.S. In fact, 6.3% of commuters in Portland chose to bike to work in 2017. Nationwide, only .5% of commuters bike to work, so clearly, Portland is ahead of the curve. Since this is a city of cyclists there are tons of bike paths and bike trails designed to appeal to people who prefer to see the city using an e-bike. Grab your nitro cold brew coffee and get to work… or if you’re just roaming around, check out the city just like a local would! 


Washington D.C.

The nation’s capital is full of historical monuments and lovely scenery, but navigating the city in a car is one way to truly ruin a good day with road rage. The traffic and limited parking are incredibly frustrating to deal with, which is why exploring the city on an e-bike is so much more appealing. Most of the monuments and memorials are outside, and you can skip the parking fee and enjoy the city. There’s even the 185-mile-long C&O trail that follows the Potomac River from D.C. to Maryland. It’s a trek, but a beautiful way to spend a day!


New York City, New York 

Anyone who has ever set foot in New York City knows that if you want to enjoy your stay, avoid driving at all costs. The city has gotten in on the action and has created the Hudson River Greenway, a pedestrian path that runs from Battery Park to Manhattan, all without any NYC traffic pandemonium. 


Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is a cyclist’s dream city. There are hundreds of miles worth of bike paths that will allow you to enjoy the scenery and avoid the traffic. And if the altitude is making you woozy, not to worry! An e-bike takes the physical effort of riding a bike down a notch, so you can still enjoy the mountain scenery.


If electric bikes are your favorite way to enjoy a city, these are a few places that will be perfect destinations for you. And if you’re looking for the perfect electric bike kit to suit your needs Cycle Charged has you covered. So before you book your ticket anywhere, let us help you find the perfect kit for your adventure.


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