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Bafang 500W 36V BBS02 Mid Drive Kit With Battery


We have lots of Bafang BBS02's in stock in the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and China! Kits typically arrive at your door within 7-10 days in North America and Western Europe. 

Check out our installation video showing you how to make your installation super easy!

The best-selling Bafang mid-drive electric conversion kit known for its efficiency, reliability and power. Turn your everyday bicycle into a serious machine with this electric bike kit that can keep up with city traffic and tackle hills with ease! This kit is fully street legal. 

This kit includes a frame-mount or rack-mount lithium-ion battery, all the hardware, wiring and BBS tool so you have everything you need to get rolling! If you need longer battery or motor cables for a specific recumbent or trike setup just send us a message, we can help you with custom wire lengths as well. 

We offer FREE SHIPPING of this kit to the US, Canada and Western Europe! Please note due to regulations regarding Lithium-ion battery shipments, the battery will arrive a few days later in a separate package from the motor and kit components.  

Kit Includes:

1. Bafang mid drive motor 36V 500W 
2. Chain Wheel (Choose between 44T 46T 48T 52T)
3. Display (C965 or DPC-18 Option)
4. Crank
5. Thumb Throttle
6. 1 to 4 Wiring Harness Cables 
7. Speed Sensor & Magnets
8. Mechanical Brake Lever/Hydraulic brake sensor
9. Nuts/Bolts
10. Battery (36V 15.6Ah) Battery size:367.2*90.1*111mm
11. Battery Charger
12. BBS Tool to tighten the motor
13. To add Bafang accessories (Gear sensor cut-off HERE /USB Programming Cable HERE

How do you know this kit will fit your bike?

Measure the width of your bottom bracket between the pedals to measure your BBS width, as seen below. The inner diameter of the frame bracket should be not less than 33.5mm. If you have a recumbent bike or trike follow the same measuring process as these kits fit those bikes and are very popular for those applications as well. 

68mm OR 2" 11/16th looks like this:

73mm OR 2" 7/8th looks like this:

The standard kit will fit 68-73mm wide frames. If you have a wider frame of 100mm or 120mm check out the BBSHD 1000W kit which comes in those sizes.


Fitment Checklist:

1 - Check that there is a 68-73mm (2.6-2.8 inch) gap in your bottom bracket between the pedals. 
2 - Check your frame size to ensure the frame-mount battery will fit (
L368mm x W90mm x H113mm) (L14.4" x W3.5" x H4.4")
3 - Choose mechanical brakes with sensors (standard) or hydraulic brake sensors. 
4- Choose your chain ring: 44T offers the most low-speed acceleration and torque, 52T offers the highest speed. 46T is standard and ideal for a mix of hills and flat terrain and everyday riding. Please leave us a note when placing your order for the type of chain ring you'd like! 

Motor Specs:
Controller Current: 25A
Net Motor Weight: 4.2kg
Bracket bottom length:68mm
Display Working Temperature:-20-80C
Waterproof Grade:IP65


Display Options:

C18 Display: (Click here for spec sheet)
-Full Color Display
-Automatic Night Mode (with customizable light sensitivity)
-Current Speed (mph or km/h)
-Maximum Speed (mph or km/h)
-Average Speed (mph or km/h)
-Duration Single Trip
-Distance Single Trip
-Total Distance
-Reset Duration S.T.
-Reset Distance S.T.
-Battery Level
-Error Code Display
-Walk Boost
-Input Wheel Diameter
-USB charging port

C965 Display: (Click here for spec sheet)
-Speed display: AVG SPEED, MAX SPEED and SPEED (Real-time).
-Kilometre / Mile: Can be set according to customers’ preference.
-Battery indicator
-The brightness of the backlight adjustable: 5-sections.
-9-level Assist (default): 3 or 5-level can be selected.
-Mileage indicator: Odometer/Trip distance/ Riding time/Power.
-Error code indicator
-Up to 9 levels of assist
-Choice of Percentage or Voltage display for Battery
-USB Charger
-Accurate battery gauge
-Watt OR Amp Display to gauge how much you are pulling
-Password Lock
-Error code list and memory


Customer Reviews

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James McNiff
Wonderful product

In the 6 weeks since installing the kit, I have put 600 miles on it with no problems at all.