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Rack Mounted Lithium-ion Battery - 36V


Rack mounted battery packs are the most practical choice as they double as a storage rack and battery carrier. All our batteries use the same 18650 Cell design as the world's leading e-bike batteries, and are based on the design used in Tesla vehicles and batteries.

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This battery includes a charger.  

Choose the Ah you'd like, the higher the Ah the more capacity the battery has and the more range you will get out of your battery.

The standard connector option is 'Anderson 2', choose from the list of options if you need a different type.

Approximate range* of each lithium-ion battery:

Voltage Amp Hours Mount Position  Total Watt-Hours Range (miles) Range (km)
36V 10Ah
360 Wh 14 - 24 24 - 40
36V 12Ah
432 Wh 17 - 29  29 - 48 

*Range depends on a number of factors such as amount of throttle and pedal assist, type and pressure of tires, type of terrain, rider weight, etc.

10Ah/12Ah Hailong Brand Battery Specs:

Nominal Voltage: 36V
Fits Motor Power : 250W - 500W
Charge Current: 2 -5A
Discharge Temperature: -20 to 65°C
Charge Temperature: 0 to 45°C
Dimensions: 434*150*65mm \
Battery Weight: 5.6kg about
Cycle life: ≥80% capacity after 1000 cycles.